Beihai port
Navigation Information
L atitude:21 29' N
Longitude:109 06' E
Port Authority Bei hai Harbour Administration
General Port Description
- ServicesLocation:In the Beibu Bay, southern Guangxi
Approach Channel
Length 0.7 n miles
Width 90 m
Depth 8,0 m plus tide
Draft : 11m plus tide LOA : 230m Beam : 35mMax DWT : 35000
Tidal range : Min 1,5m Max 5,01m
Fresh Water-stores-provisions : Available
Bunkers : Supplies quite difficult
Crew changes/Spare parts delivery : Can be attended
Tugs 9, max. output 2,320 hp
Repair Facilities minor repairs
Cargo berths - Handling Facilities
Berths Length(metres) Depth(metres)
No 1, No 2 340 9,50
No 3 420 10,80
No 4 420 12,00
Gas/Crude oil terminal

12 Shore cranes available from 5 to 27 ts

Remarks:The major export cargoes are rice, manganese ore, cassavas, fire-crackers, fireworks, aquatic product, fruit, aniseed, cassia bark, starch, jute etc. The major import cargoes are fertilizer, timber etc.

General Information
Beihai is a major commercial port in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is a traffic juncture in south Guangxi and an important foreign trade gateway for Guangxi. The port has bagging facilities with an annual bagging capacity of 200,000 tons. Along with the development of Beibu Bay's Wei 6-1-1 oil field within the city boundary, petroleum will become a major cargo. Communication
The port has four truck highways to the inland areas : Beihai-Qinzhou-Nanning, Beihai-Guixian-Liuzhou, Beihai-Yulin-Wuzhou, Beihai-Suixi-Zhanjuang, which are connected to the highway and railroad networks in Guangxi and western Guangdong.