Fangcheng port

Navigation Information
Latitude:21 37' 56 N
Longitude:108 20' 13 E
Port Authority
Fangcheng Harbour Administration
Tel: 822071
General Port Description - Services
Location: Sited at Fangcheng River estuary west of Qinzhou Bay
Approach Channel
Length 7.1 n miles
Width 80 metres
Depth 9,5 metres plus tide
Tugs 5, max output 2,600 hp
Repair Facilities -
Pilotage/Quarantine position: 21 2756 N 108 21 13 E
Pilotage:Night sailing permitted
DRAFT : 12,5m LOA : 256m BEAM : No restriction
OIL-PLG terminal
DRAFT :9,5m LOA :150m Tidal range : Min 0,53m Max 4,7m
Fresh Water,provisions : AVAILABLE
Crew changes/spare parts deliveries:Can be attended
Cargo Berths - Handling Facilities
Berths Length(metres) Depth(metres)
No 1 to No 10 256 12,5
No 11 190 13,6
15 shore cranes/11 mobile cranes with max capacity 40ts1
Floating crane for lightening

The port mainly handles grain, fertilizers, raw sugar, steel products, cement, timber, ores, coal etc.

General Information
Fangcheng is the largest coastal port in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, handling import and export cargoes to and from provinces in southwestern China. It is being engaged in bulk trade, expansion into containers is likely to be on a feeder basis.
The Nanning - Fangcheng highway is connected with the national highway network; and the Nanning - Fangcheng railroad is linked to the national rail system via the Hunan - Guangxi railroad.