Quanzhou port

Navigation Information
Latitude: 24 54' N
Longtitude: 118 35' E

Port Description

Location: sited in Quanzhou Bay on Jiujiang and Luoyang Rivers

Port Authority
Quanzhou Harbour Administration
Tel: 255080
Fax: 258709
Tlx: -

General Information
Quanzhou, known as "Silk Road on the sea" in the old days, is a major commercial port and is the third most important port in Fujian Province after Xiamen and Fuzhou. It is a gateway to the sea for areas along the Jiujiang River and the Luoyang River and a cargo transshipment port for areas around the port.

Quanzhou is one of highway transport centres of Fujian Province, its highway links it to the Fuzhou-Xiamen highway. There is no Province railroad in Quanzhou, but the Zhangping-Quanzhou railroad is under construction. Its projected terminal is at the Houzhu Harbour. There is a passenger liner service from the port to Hong Kong and cargo shipping lines to the major Chinese ports. Port CapacityCargo Throughput (million tons) -
(TEUs) -
Planned Capacity Cargo -
Passenger -
Projected Throughput -
Planned DevelopmentIt is planned to construct two 5,000t class berths. The total capacity will then increase to 700,000 tonnes. Cargo Handling Facilities Length(metres) Depth(metres) Max VessselSize(GRT) CargoHandlingEquipment
TerminalsContainer Seafrontage - - - -
Bulk Cargo Seafrontage - - - -
Breakbulk Seafrontage - - 3,000 Yes
Barge/Small Craft Seafrontage - - - -
Oil Terminal Jetties (No.) 1 - 5,000 -
StreamCargo Working Buoys 3 - 10,000 -
Cargo Working Anchorages - 9 ~ 20 10,000 -
Port ServicesTugs 2
Repair Facilities minor repairs only
Others -
Approach Channel Outer Inner
Length 8.5 n miles 3 n miles
Width 500 metres 350 metres
Depth at C.D. (metres) 7 metres 3.5 metres

The main inbound cargoes are coal, oil, grains, fertilizers, cement, pesticides, salt, manufactures foods for daily use, farm products and raw suga. The main outbound cargoes are building materials, sugar, stone blocks and moulding sand. The port has the potential to develop as a feeder port for Taiwan once when direct trade is established.