SCA Circular No. 1/1995

As a further stage of the Suez Canal development was completed, it has been decided to consider imposed tug on L.P.G. & L.N.G. carriers of over 80,000 tons SCGT as escort tug.

Accordingly the following has been taken:

  1. Waiving para (2), Art 57 which reads:
    (2) liquified inflammable gas L.P.G. & L.N.G. and similar of over 80,000 tons SCGT.
  2. Modifying para (5), Art. 58 to read as:
    (5) L.P.G. & L.N.G. over 25000 SCGT (except G.F.) (1) will be escorted by one tug.

This circular comes into force as of February 1st, 1995.