Circular No 4/1998 on Rebates offered to long haul trips transiting the Suez Canal

In order to minimize effort and correspondence for both the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) and clients requesting on normal Suez Canal transit tolls, the following procedures shall be implemented as of November 1, 1998:-

  1. On receiving a fax request for rebate, covering all trip and vessel details as per "Rebate Request Form" together with any information that may be deemed necessary by the client, SCA shall study the case and notify the client of the proposed rebate as soon as possible.
  2. The client will notify SCA of his acceptance or his final counter proposal by fax.
  3. SCA will restudy the case for the last time and either maintain its previous rebate, or submit the rock bottom rebate which will not be subject to any further negotiations.
  4. The applicant will fax his decision to SCA together with the ETA.

SCA hopes that all its clients will follow the above mentioned procedures.