Circular No 6/1998 (dated December 1998) Suez Canal Transit Dues as of January 1, 1999

Article 1
The Suez Canal Authority announces that transit dues for 1999 shall remain unchanged, and that circular No 3/1997 shall stay in force.

Article 2
Further facilities and privileges, as stated in the attached explanatory note, are to be duly granted.

This circular takes effect as of January 1, 1999.

Explanatory Note (dated December 1998) on facilities and privileges granted to ships transiting the Suez Canal during 1999

The following facilities and privileges are to be granted in addition to those stated in circular No 3/97:-

  1. General cargo ships:
    General cargo ships that carry containers on deck besides their traditional cargo in the cargo holds are to be treated like container ships carrying containers on deck so far as rates of extra dues for deck tiers are concerned. However, due consideration is given to:-
    a) Transit dues for other categories of vessels remain applicable to general cargo ships.
    b) Dues calculated according to these new regulations should not exceed those calculated on the basis of adding the actual volume of containers on deck to the Suez Canal net tonnage.
  2. Combined ballast gas carriers LNG/LPG:
    Transit dues for combined ballast gas carriers are to be calculated according to the last shipment transported through the Suez Canal. In case was LNG, relevant dues for LNG are to be applied and the relevant rebate of 35% is to be granted. Otherwise combined ballast gas carriers shall be dealt with on an equal footing with LPG’s.

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