S.C.A. Circular No. 3/99

Companies specialized in loading, unloading and re-loading operations, STS can get involved to encourage the passage of supertankers that currently do not use the Suez Canal.

The company can lighten part of the supertanker’s cargo (mothership) onto a smaller tanker “Suez max” (daughter) at the Gulf of Suez, whereby, the two ships transit the Suez Canal before the mother supertanker gets her cargo back at Port Said.


The two ships will be financially treated as follows:

  1. Dues are calculated at the rate of USD 0.10/barrel, and collected for the total volume of cargo carried by the two ships.
  2. The two ships are only exempted from the charge of escorting tugboats while transiting the Canal, “Suez Canal Rules of Navigation”.
  3. Once the cargo has been reloaded back onto the supertanker, the smaller tanker is exempted from the transit dues of the return, ballast trip, provided that the ship gets back directly as the job is completed and has not been involved in any commercial business of activity, except for similar operations performed in the opposite direction.


Prerequisites for the accredited companies:

  1. The company should have international experience in this field of work before it is accredited by the SCA to work in the canal area in accordance with ICS and OCIME guidelines.
  2. Lightening vessels (smaller tankers) should be either double-hull or SBT tankers.
  3. The company should be held responsible for any pollution resulting from such operations as per the provisions of the environment law No. 4/1994, and the Suez Canal Rules of Navigation.

This circular supercedes any previous circular on STS operations.