SCA Circular No. 2/99 - Towage dues

Article 1:
Article 101, item (D) (a,b,c and d) of the Suez Canal Rules of Navigation Feb. 1995, is to be read as follows:

D. Towage Dues:

1) Vessels towed or escorted in the Canal:

a) Transit dues are to be calculated in accordance with the regulations for vessels that
transit under their own power.

b) Extra dues of 100% are to be levied in case of engine and/or steering failure or in case of scrap vessels.
However, there must be a person in charge on board the vessel, together with at least 10 crew members, as stated in the Suez Canal Rules of Navigation, page 93, item 4.

c) Dues on scrap vessels are to be calculated on the basis of SCGT, with due consideration of the rates for each category.

d) If towed by tugs not belonging to the Suez Canal Authority, vessels have to pay the towage dues of USD 0.25 per SCNT, while scrap vessels have to pay the same dues of USD 0.25 per SCGT.

Article 2:
The sentence "Unmanned or scrapped vessels arriving towed" is to be deleted from item D(2).

This circular takes effect as soon as issued.