SCA Circular No. 8/1995

Suez Canal Tolls for tankers that lighten part of their crude oil cargo in SUMED Terminal at Sukhna

Circular No. 2/95, regarding crude oil tankers that lighten part of their cargo in SUMED Terminal at Sukhna is to be canceled and replaced by the following:

  1. Tolls of USD 0.63 will be levied on each metric ton of crude oil rather than on the Suez Canal net tonnage of the tanker.
  2. Suez Canal Authority is to bear the charges of escorting tugboats.
  3. Minimum transit dues for the loaded northbound trip are uSD 90,000.
  4. Volume incentive reductions, stated in Circular No. 9/1995 Article two, II, item 2 are to be applied.
  5. Maximum tolls for the round trip of such tankers (ballast and loaded) shall stand at SDR 330,000, as per circular No. 9/1995 Article two, III.
  6. Crude oil cargo carried by the tanker shall be deducted from the volume discharged at SUMED from the total cargo indicated in the cargo manifest and the bill of lading (in metric tons).

The Suez Canal Authority has the right to verify the actual load of the tanker, by checking the cargo manifest and the certificate issued by SUMED concerning the quantity of oil discharged at Sukhna Terminal or by any other means.

Documents required

  1. Cargo manifest and bill of lading.
  2. A certificate from SUMED stating the amount of cargo discharged at Sukhna terminal in metric tons.

In case the said requirements are not duly met, normal tolls on basis of SCNT, shall be applied as per the tolls circular in effect on the date of transit.

This circular takes effect as of January 1, 1996.