Abu Kir
(Map of Abu Kir)

Lat 31 19' N / Long 30 04' E
Situated approx. 20 km NE of Alexandria.

Admiralty chart: 2681

Admiralty Pilot: 49

Approach: Vessels proceeding to Abu Kir Bay from a westerly direction should keep well to the north of Sultan Shoal and Culloden Reef.

Anchorages: Anchorages for large vessels can be obtained in Abu Kir Bay about 1,5 miles off the southern extremity of Geziret Disuqi (Nelson Island) bearing 270 degrees, in a depth of 15 m.

Accommodation: Five quays with a total length of 1500 m and depth alongside of 5 m. Large vessels unloading grain are handled in Abu Kir Bay.

Bulk Cargo facilities: Grain silo, converted from a bulk carrier, permanently moored at the quayside in the harbour. Equipment includes conveyor belts, cranes and an automatic packaging system for cereals.