Suez Canal tolls for Crude Oil cargo that lighten part of their Crude oil Cargo in SUMED terminal at Sukhna

Article One:

Circular No. 8/95 shall be cancelled and replaced by what follows:

A. Tolls of USD 0.63 shall be levied on each metric ton of Crude Oil cargo.

B. Crude Oil cargo carried by the tanker shall be calculated by deducting the volume discharged at SUMED from the total cargo indicating in the cargo manifest and the bill of lading.

C. The minimum transit dues for a laden Northbound trip is USD 130000.

Article Two:

Both circular No. 8/96 concerning escorting tugs, and circular No. 4/2003 concerning surcharges imposed on tankers arriving after the limit time shall be applicable on tankers coming from SUMED after having a part of their cargo unloaded therein.

Article Three:

This circular takes effect as of 01/02/2005.