On Hire Values for Relative Navigational Services

(Escort and Imposed tugboats)

Article One:
As part of the navigational services the Suez Canal Authority provides,the SCA has decided to modify the hire values for escort and imposed tugboats to be as shown below:

First :
Circular No. 3/2004 shall be considered null and void, and is replaced by the following :
1 - Escort tugboats are hired at a unified rate SDR 10,000 per each individual tugboat .
2 - Imposed tugboats are hired at a unified rate of SDR 22,000 for the entire trip of
the tugboats from one end of the Canal to the other .
Second :
Circular No. 3/2008 shall be considered null and void, and is replaced by the following :
1 - A unified rate of USD 8, 500 is to be
applied for each single berthing or set
sail operation at Suez oil quay .
2 - A cancelled tugboat request at Suez oil quay shall be fined as follows :
a - USD 1,250 before tug operation
b - USD 2,750 after tug operation .
3 - The hire of harbor tugs for incoming and outgoing vessels at Port Said :
- USD 100/tug for vessels up to 2,500 SCNT
- USD 125/tug for vessels up to 5,000 SCNT
- USD 200/tug for vessels up to 10,000 SCNT
- USD 300/tug for vessels up to 20,000 SCNT
- USD 400/tug for vessels up to 30,000 SCNT
- USD 500/tug for vessels up to 50,000 SCNT
- USD 600/tug for vessels of more than 50,000 SCNT
Third :
Tugboats imposed on American warships and on ships chartered by the US Embassy in the Arab Republic of Egypt :
1 - The inclusive charges per each imposed tugboat, plus the charges for pilotage and motorboats are modified to become USD 40,000 ( inclusive )
2 - The charge for a fire-fighting tugboat shall be modified to become USD 60,000/tug .
Fourth :
The hire of tugboat " Port Said " :
The hire rate of tugboat Port Said, within Canal waters, is modified to become :
1 - USD 1,850 / hour
2 - USD 75,000 / day as an imposed tug from one end of the Canal to the other .
Fifth :
Daily hire rates for tugs "Baraka 1" and "Ezzat Adel" :
1 - The daily hire rate for either "Baraka 1 " or "Ezzat Adel" is minimum of USD 100,000/day .
2 - In case the hire period exceeds a day and the towage operation lasted for more than 24 hours, charges are calculated on an hourly basis at the rate of USD
3,500/hour during official working hours However, a 10% increase shall be added after the official working hours .

Article Two:
Circular No. 5/2013 regarding the hourly hire rates of imposed salvage tugboats remains in force .

Article Three:
This Circular takes effect as of January 1/2014