Further Useful Information for Ship Operators

A. Suez Canal Net Tonnage

The S.C.N.Tonnage is calculated by the Suez Canal Authority officials, who take into consideration the following items:

  1. Suez Canal Special Net Tonnage Certificate issued by the vessel's classification society
  2. Master's declaration for the carriage of deck cargo
  3. Master's declaration for the carriage of bunkers in double bottom tanks
  4. The tank measurement used for slops (Tankers)
  5. Physical inspection and observation of utilized exempted SEAPACE by S.C.A. surveyors

B. Tonnage Explanation Sheet

Following measurement of the S.C.N.T. the S.C.A. issue a tonnage explanation sheet which details the measurements taken and calculations made in order for the officials to obtain the vessel's actual S.C.N.T. figure on which the tolls are charged.

C. Rebates and Discounts

D. Funds

Funds to cover canal dues and disbursements are payable in advance in accordance to the strict Egyptian hard currency exchange regulations.

E. Warning

Beware of bogus invoices for launch hire, garbage removal and various other services. These invoices appear legitimate bearing vessel's stamps and Masters' signatures which are forged in one way or another. Often there will be an attached statement from the Master containing a recommendation for the excellent services received. In case of receipt of such documentation, please pass copy of same to SEAPACE, Athens and we will make an official complaint on your behalf.