It is worth mentioning that due to double channels through the canal more vessels can be accommodated. Berthing possibilities at km 51-61, km 76.25-81.25 and km 104 -114. Other areas in the Bitter Lakes are also for this purpose, enabling up to sixty vessels to await the passage of the other vessels. On both sides of the canal there are mooring bollards every 125 m for the mooring of vessels in case of emergency, and kilometric sign posts to assist in locating the position of vessel in the waterway. The navigable channel is bordered by light and reflecting buoys as navigational aid to night traffic. There are 11 signal stations along the western bank of the canal, about 10 km apart, which follow the traffic, in addition to a traffic office in Port Said, Port Tewfik and the main office in Ismailia. These offices are to control traffic and facilitate pilotage operations.