Arrival Notices

Every ship intending to transit the canal must send a 72, 48 & 24 hours ETA notices as follows:

Southbound vessels to:

Northbound vessels to:

In the first ETA notice the Master must include the following particulars and information:

  1. GRT, NRT, DWT, LOA, beam, draft, flag, call sign, ship's type, if loaded or if in ballast, cargo carried on board, coming from, bound for, Owners' name, Charterers name, SCGT and SCNT as per S.C. Special Tonnage Certificate, date of last transit stating if under the present name or ex-name, number of crew, if all healthy, and if any passengers or stowaways on board and their nationalities.
  2. If dangerous cargoes are loaded on board, a list must be provided stating quantity, nature and IMCO class.
  3. Whether ship is fitted with own projector or requires to hire one for passage.
  4. Whether ship's derricks can lift the canal mooring boats or intend to use ship's own boats.
  5. If ship is fitted with VHF operated from bridge, able to work in range 156 to 174 MHz.
  6. If W/T or radio telephone are in good working condition.
  7. If no modifications since last transit to state "Particulars no change, navigable" ETA, and if intends to transit or call for requirements or what orders and/or carrying out loading or discharging operations.
  8. After the first ETA to the agents, the Master can include his requirements for bunkers, provisions, water, crew changes if any, repairs if any etc.
  9. Captains are responsible for all damage or accidents of whatever kind resulting from the navigation or handling of their vessel by day or by night.