1. Pilotage is compulsory for vessels of all tonnages when entering, leaving, changing berth or shifting on canal waters or Port Said and Suez harbours.
  2. Any exemption must be explicitly authorized by the S.C.A.
  3. The duties of Pilots commence and cease at the entrance buoys of Port Said and the port of Suez. The pilot only gives advise on manoeuvering the vessel, course to steer, etc., putting his experience and practical knowledge of the canal at the disposal of the Master. The Pilot has to ensure that the vessel abides by:
    1. The articles of Rules of Navigation
    2. The orders of transit given by Movement Control.
  4. Four Pilots are allocated in succession to pilot each ship from the North entrance to the South exit and vice versa.
    1. The first Pilot from the waiting area to entry harbour and mooring the ship in the harbour.
    2. The second Pilot from entry harbour to Timsah Lake (Ismailia).
    3. The third Pilot from Ismailia to exit port.
    4. The forth Pilot from the exit harbour (Suez) to the exit roads.

N.B.: Very large vessels (exceeding 80000 SCGT) may require more than one Pilot.