Extract from Ministerial Decree for the year 2019

The Minister of Transport & Communication has decided:

Art. One:
Amounts assessed to utilize licenses granted for carrying marine transport activity and other relating activities in the Egyptian ports as follows:

1. Licenses for the activity of Shipping Agency:

a) Agent must collect an amount stipulated in Ministerial Decrees No. 70 & No. 72 for 1987 (attached) and settle same to Marine Transport section, Ministry of Transport & Communications.

b) L.E. 1.- to be settled to the local Port Authority for each manifested ton of general cargo whether loose or in containers. Egyptian goods for export and goods arrived for reshipment are exempted.

c) As regards transit vessels:

1. up to 10000 GRT - USD 371.32
2. 10000/60000 GRT - USD 477.41.-
3. More than 60000 GRT - USD 742.63.-

to be paid to the concerned Port Authority either Port Said or Suez according to vessel's direction whether north or south bound.



Charged in disbursement account as follows:
Northbound Transits - included in Port Dues invoice as a "Port Authority Additional Charge (levy)".   
Southbound Transits - separate invoice as "Port Authority Additional Charge (levy)".