Commission on freight and passage fares

A) On freight of liner outward cargo booked in A.R.E. 5.0%
B) On freight of liner outward cargo booked through carriers abroad 2.5%
C) On all liner inward cargo $0.50 per f/t
D) On cargoes shipped under voyage charter or b/n - with exception of cargoes mentioned under (e) in article (ii) - payable by the owner for each discharging or loading operation $0.25 per f/t
E) For all inward and outward bulk cargoes, ores, phosphates, gypsum, clay, rice, cement, fertilizers, sugar, grain, flour, potato seeds, aluminum, ore and manganese, which are shipped under any contract or b/n or charter party, the scale of rates will apply and is payable by the owners.  
F) on passage fares for tickets booked through our Agency 6.5 %
G) on passage fares for tickets booked or issued through others 2.5 %
H) for undertaking shore leave arrangements in respect of passengers visiting town ex passenger ships $ 2.5 per person
I) for embarking or disembarking of departing or arriving passengers including handling of baggage not exceeding three packages per passenger $ 3.5 per passenger
J) Supervision fees:
On cargoes loaded or discharged "free in" or "free out" basis and covered by a liner b/l or constituting part cargo, payable by owners or operators
$ 0.25 per f/ton